Pinterest is going to file for an Initial Public Offering or IPO making their business to be in the public sight. This may be a new movement in the company as many businesses before Pinterest when they went for IPO their games have changed. This is due to impact which is made on the company through various means.

Many platforms especially the social media platforms have done a great job in maintaining their core values even when they have gone for IPO like Facebook which has been getting stronger and stronger for the last couple of years. Pinterest evaluation has been made which is up to $12 billion.


Will that change the platform?

Now the main question is will this move change the platform and even if it didn’t how does the platform performs in this intense pressure being made from many directions. Other social media platforms have become stronger but it does not mean that they did not go through the pressure.

Twitter and Snapchat have gone through intense pressure from the stakeholders and the public while defending their own narratives which have to be aligned with the company’s core values.

The pressure was visible to the world when both of these companies were going through it. Pinterest for many years has been staying away from the fact that it is not a social media platform which is kind of confusing as the platform is somehow going into the direction of becoming a platform just like Instagram or Facebook.

A Social Media Platform

Even the new updates which the platform has been applying are pretty much similar to the Instagram style. This shows that the platform has been under the pressure since last which resulted in these new updates. There are up to 250 millions users for Pinterest which now have been showed publicly through an official manner.

The platform is trying hard to make it appear itself in such a way that it is not a social media platform which may stop the comparisons being made with Facebook. This will make the platform under scrutiny.

Pressure from Tech Giants

If Pinterest does somehow gets away from Facebook but still it has to tackle another tech giant which is Google. The product discovery feature which is the main concept of Pinterest can be under a great threat when it will officially launch itself for the IPO. The tech giant has been making moves when it launched some new features which were in the competition with Pinterest.

This shows that the platform has to be strong and evolutionary in such a way that it can withstand all the pressure.

With these features Google itself has to worry about the market share because Amazon which is another tech giant has been in control of major market share. Snapchat did an amazing thing when the platform was going to file for IPO.


Snapchat declared itself as a camera company to save themselves from the intense pressure from the top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Time will tell what move Pinterest will pull.

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