With the passage of time, social media platforms are gaining increased growth and they are expected to grow more. Social media channels are considered to be the first news port for a lot of people around the globe. People also use it as a channel to get the news related to the current affairs and they simply be up to date using these platforms.

More than billions of people use it daily and all the social media channels have got almost the same popularity but the most being used channel is Instagram which has made itself one of the most popular and the strongest social media channel within just about more time. It has left Facebook and twitter far behind as well.

People love to be online and they are always in search of the ways to increase their online presence by posting their picture updates, adding their location info and more stuff like that. While you are on a social media channel, the maximum you try, still there is a deficiency at the end so to end that deficiency and to get the maximum number of followers over Instagram, you can follow some of the basic following mentioned tips:

Use story highlights

This is the very first thing which you can do to get more followers and that is to use the story portion of Instagram. This you can do in any hour of the day. By using this feature, you would be able to provide the venturing to the people for your profile by providing some incentive so that they are able to know more about you just by clicking the following icon on your account.

The highlights if used on Instagram provide the users with an opportunity to get increase followers with the best-posted contents of all time. Make sure that the photos you post attract the people.

   Location tags

This is an obvious and a simple suggestion which you shouldn’t ignore but most of the people still do it because they don’t understand the value of using the location tags in their posts. This phenomenon is simply called as geo-tagging which makes it simpler and easier for you to get connected with the people present at various locations of the world. This creates a sense of similarity and belonging among you and the other people on Instagram and there are increased chances of them to follow you. This is one of the best ways to get the attention of the locals of that location you have entered the tag of.


This is a fact that Instagram is a photo posting platform and is a social channel with the most Instagram followers engagement. People want to follow the people whom they can best relate too regardless of the nature of the profile rather it be a brand or an individual. All they want is connectivity and relativity and this is made simpler by posting your selfies and sharing them with people using Instagram to get the huge fan following.