An average person needs to spend his whole life just to see the content that is uploaded on youtube by all the youtube users in the world in just a day. There has been new research statistics according to which almost every day, more than 500 hours of the fresh video at the rate of one minute is uploaded on youtube. These statistics are extracted from a recently done study.

This means that almost in an hour, there are almost 30,000 hours of the new content and in a day this content covers about 720,000 hours which means that it is simply impossible for every youtube user to get to watch all the content posted on the youtube even if they spend their whole lives.

If you divide these statistics out which is 720,000 for a day, you will get to know that a person for watching the stuff posted in a day needs to see that for 82.2 years continuously and these results are for the stuff posted on the daily basis. This target is more than impossible to achieve.

Since the year 2015, Vidcon, this is the first data for statistics got through per minute evaluation in which the CEO of YOUTUBE Susan Wojcicki has given a statement saying that 400 hours have been uploading every minute which is an older statistics. However, in the year 2013, these statistics were reported to be 300 hours per minute. The number has a rapid increase with passing years.

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With the passing of time, the upload amounts of the contents are being staggering but the video watch time is now sliming as compared to the number of videos been posted according to the recent statistics conveyed by the Youtube. Last week at the new front, the platform gave a statement saying that there are more than 250 million hours of the content which is watched in our homes on our TV screens every day. This actually makes the calculation of 173,611 hours if calculated per minute; however, the number of content being uploaded is 500 hours.

There are other 250 million hours which have no involvement in the mobile viewing and the browsers and this why the youtube still hasn’t displayed the exact numbers.

There is also an added feature of live view in youtube which is not so older and according to a survey conducted by StreamElements, youtube also provides supportive tools to the streamers which indicated that the live views at the youtube have now doubled in their statistics and this change has been started from the beginning of the year 2018 till the start of 2019.

The point for all this discussion is that there is a great change in the amount of new content of youtube but this change is not going slow at the rate of per year yet it is changing each year and is expected to change with more increase in the coming years.