India is a huge country located in South Asia. This land is home to many ethnicities, languages and also the oldest civilizations to ever exist on the earth. The total population of India is 1.8 billion so you can guess that how many different cultures are existing in this country. There are many breathtaking places which the tourists can enjoy and also able to learn about the places that are rich in history. The top ten places to travel in India are the following.

Leh-Ladakh, this is the land where you will find snow capped mountains, alpine glacial lakes, enchanting valleys and ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is a recommended places for the people who are into nature. Delhi, this is the capital city of India. Due to rich history and different monuments makes this city one of the top places to visit in India. You will find great food, hotels, restaurants in this city. If you want to take a closer look at the history of India you surely have to visit Delhi.

Agra, this city is one of the popular cities in India due to the popular monument built by the Mughal emperor. This popular monument is known as the ‘ Taj-Mahal ’. People around the world travel to India to see this monument. Varanasi, this city is known for its spiritual essence because this land is home different cultures, spirituality and religions.

Jaislamer, this city is also known as the ‘Land of Golden Sand’ which is located in Rajasthan. It is a beautiful city home to rich culture and heritage. Rann of Kutch, this is a land piece which is stretched of a white salt that is under the water for about four months in a year. This place will provide the tourists a great memorable experience.

Aurangabad, this city is known for the Ajanta and Ellora caves. This city is located in Mahrashtra. This place has a great heritage with its amazing architecture. Sunderbans, this place is known for the wildlife. It is home to world’s largest mangrove forests. The river Ganges is near this place.

Sikkim is a city located in the north east of Himalayas. Home to snow capped mountains, with little villages, beautiful lakes and Buddhist Monasteries. This city is best for peaceful vacations. Meghalaya is located at the eastern side of Himalayas. This place is home to dense forests, sparkling lakes and rivers, mystic caves, amazing waterfalls etc.

All these places have their own special thing which attracts people from around the world to check out these amazing places. There are many more places in India which you should travel. If you are into history oriented places you will find many ancient great cities with amazing monuments and architecture. Religious oriented places are located in many places in India. The whole country is home to various religions which are now in the minority of India but still have their signs in many places in India.